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The smart notebook for people who believe in the power of their ideas.

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Engage with your thoughts like never before.

A meticulously crafted notebook for thinking and writing. An innovative mobile app for storing and sharing.

This is the smart notebook system that will revolutionize the way you think and unleash the brilliance of your ideas. 

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Paper and pen have real advantages for creative idea development. I've used high-quality physical notebooks for years as a crucial component of my writing process. But to be able to archive insights and share them collaboratively via an app -- that takes paper to a whole new level.

  • Disc binding that is stylish and functional

    Our unique disc binding stands out for its stylish appearance. More importantly, it makes removing or reorganizing pages easy. Now you can share a page without tearing a page!

  • Lay-flat landscape layout fits perfectly anywhere

    Unlike traditional notebooks, the THINKERS Notebook is ergonomically designed to fit in front of your keyboard, on an airplane tray table, or even on your lap -- wherever you need it.

  • Smart page design that is optimized for the app

    Each page of the THINKERS Notebook is perfectly optimized for the App (available for Apple & Android devices), making it easy to quickly capture and store your notebook pages securely.

I lead a team of creative, motivated insurance salespeople. I took one look at the THINKERS notebook and knew I needed one not just for myself, but for my team to. The ingenuity of our people is our greatest asset, and the THINKERS Notebook helps us tap into it better.

You need a simple, secure way to store and share your ideas.

The THINKERS Notebook App is your conduit between the ideas you develop in your notebook and the people who need to see them most -- including yourself!

The THINKERS Notebook App - THINKERS Notebook
  • Quick Capture

    Easily record notebook pages, images, audio, video, and more.

  • Easy Collaboration

    Get feedback from anyone on any device with our innovative sharing.

  • Smart Search

    Recall notes by content or location to find what you need now.

  • Secure Storage

    Includes private cloud storage with optional custom data sync.