A preview of our THINKERS Notebook App

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A preview of our THINKERS Notebook App

We have completed an internal version of the THINKERS Notebook App and posted a video of how it currently works on YouTube.

Details about the new app

  • The app will run on iPhones and Android devices.
  • Images captured in the app are stored in a Private Cloud Network we have on Google Infrastructure.
  • When you create an account in the app, we create a secured storage area for your files.
  • The icons on the THINKERS Notebook pages will be recognized when you scratch them with a pen. These icons represent tags (or categories) and will automatically be added to the pages you scan.
  • We are working on OCR features for the Date and Title and may have those available on launch, or shortly thereafter.
  • The web-based commenting system is link specific. When you send a link from the app to a person (via email or text), they will have the abaility to comment on the document. These comments are stored with the document and displayed when viewed in a web-browser.
A funny aside, the video above showing the process is actually longer than using the app! When I did this demo, I was able to open, capture, store and comment in less than 60 secounds. Yeah, it is that fast.