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An updated design for the THINKERS Notebook

An updated design for the THINKERS Notebook

For the past month, we have been working on a new design concept for the THINKERS Notebook and would like your opinion on the changes we made.

Our primary goal during the redesign is to lower the production costs of the notebook while tightly integrating the App to the notebook to encourage people to capture and share their ideas.

To reach these goals, we made several changes.

#1 – Simplify the cover

The original design included laser cut personalization of each notebook as well as different colors based on the type of thinker you are.

While cool, it was a big factor in the cost of the notebook. So, to keep things simple we opted to go with one color (black) and imprinting the THINKERS Notebook logo on each notebook.

THINKERS Notebook Cover

Of course, we are keeping the disc binding as it is the best way to reorganize your notebook pages and makes it easy to share them with others.

#2 – Simplify the grid page

I love dot grids for sketching out ideas. But in the original design, we lost a lot of spacing with the inclusion of the notes area.

So, we redesigned the first page to have more space for the dot grid. We also included a QR code on the page.


Well, the latest updates to iOS included a change to the camera feature of your phone. If you open your camera app, it will automatically detect the QR code and ask you if you would like to open the link embedded in the QR code.

So if you take a picture of the page using the camera on your phone, you will see a prompt that asks if you would like to open the THINKERS Notebook app and store it in your account.

What do you think?

THINKERS-Notebook-Interior-page-1#3 – More space for notes

We changed the back page to include college ruled lines so you can take notes. Keeping with the theme of simplifying the product, the new back page provides ample room for notations while keeping the title, date, icons and QR code.


So, what do you think of the redesign?

With these changes, we should be able to substantially lower production costs so we can offer the notebook at a price point that aligns with other notebooks.

But what about the app?

The app is in development and moving forward on schedule. We have a few things to finalize on including:

  • User experience improvements that greatly simplify the sharing process.
  • Improving the auto tag feature so that we can quickly recognize icons on the page and tag them in the app.
  • Integrating an on-boarding process that walks you through the features of the app.

Given the huge importance of the app for the THINKERS Notebook, we want to make sure it works as promised. So, we are taking our time to iterate through the features.

But we are close and once ready, we will be asking for BETA TESTERS.

Finally, the web-based comment system has been updated to a real-time comment platform.

What this means is that when you share a file from the app via Slack, text message or email, the person you send the link to can make comments on your file and you will see the results immediately – no software required!

This is probably my favorite feature as I love the idea of quickly send out my notes for comments to anyone I choose, and they can give me their feedback in real-time from any device.

We have a lot we are doing for the launch of the notebook and would appreciate your feedback as we move forward to production.

As always, thank you for your support and help in our efforts.


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Apr 04, 2019 • Posted by Robert Adamson

Changes look pretty good. I like the idea of the Qcode for transferring information. I kind of questioned the ruled page layout being in landscape setting but caught on when I saw the info at the bottom of the page.. It’s the best way to display a Qcode that is large enough to be practical.
Good work!

P.s.- will the price be significantly lower than the first offering?

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