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April 2019 Product Update

April 2019 Product Update

A lot has been happening behind the scenes for the THINKERS Notebook.

We are very close to the notebook redesign completion and getting the app ready for testing. 

No FINAL ETA (yet) but we have a few things to share.

New Cover Design

We are most excited about the new cover design that builds from the black only option we showed to a more dynamic, consumer-friendly version. 

THINKERS Notebook Cover


New First Sheet

This one piece of paper has been the HARDEST to create. Why? Because we needed a strong and clear way to encourage people to download the App. 

What do you think? Does this design fulfill the goal (note, if you try to go to the URL, nothing is there...but at least you tried to go to it :)

Latest App Version

So the app continues to be refined and the latest release focuses on improving the Sharing and Commenting feature. 

What's Next

So we are printing a few samples of the notebook in the next two weeks so we can test out the quality and user response to the new design.

Once this test is completed, we are sending in our first production order! It will take about 60 days to get them in our possession so just in time for back to school :)

The App is still in development with the next release focusing on automatic tag recognition and a UI/UX update. After that, we have an internal shake-down and then it will be ready for Beta.

We want to make sure this product delivers on what we have promised and the updated notebook plus the improvements to the app will help us fulfill them.

Our internal ETA for delivery is August 2019. 

More to come and thank you again for your continued support.



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