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Durable Cover Set (Free Shipping)


Durable Cover Set (Free Shipping)


Transform your THINKERS Notebook

Great thinkers use their notebooks a lot. And to improve the durability of your THINKERS Notebook, we are offering a limited set of dramatically improved covers that include:

  • A .8mm polypropylene plastic black front cover that repels water and resists scratching,
  • A 840 gsm black chipboard back cover that provides added stiffness when holding your notebook
  • Adds only 2 oz to the weight of your notebook.

You will love the look and feel that these new covers provide to your THINKERS Notebook.

And the best part, they are easy to add to your notebook.

We have a limited supply

Our manufacturer was only able to secure only 150 units of this new cover material. And once they are sold, it will take us several months to obtain new ones.

So don’t delay and order your new covers today.