THINKERS Pen - Rollerball - .7mm with capacitive tip - THINKERS Notebook

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Can a pen help you think better?
Yes, a good pen can.

The THINKERS Pen is a high quality, meticulously designed pen that you will want to use and enjoy using. And the more you write, the better you will think.

What makes the THINKERS Pen special?

  • The materials make it durable and comfortable.
  • The rollerball tip delivers an exquisite writing experience.
  • The capacitive stylus makes it a versatile, multipurpose communication tool.
Here are the details:
  • Made of brass, which doesn’t rust and is naturally antibacterial.
  • Carbon fiber barrel resists scratching and provides ideal weight.
  • .7 mm rollerball tip delivers smooth, bold writing experience.
  • Easy to refill with German-made refillable black ink cartridge.
  • Capacitive stylus allows the cap to work just like your finger on a mobile device.
  • Engraved with the THINKERS name -- to remind you thatyou are a THINKER.
  • Also: the ink is optimized for use with THINKERS Notebook and App!

Bottom line: the best pens are investments, not expenses. They inspire you to do more of the most creative and productive activity you can do: write.

Invest in the THINKERS Pen today, and it will be your trusty companion on the path to better thinking.

Perfection by design

Every element of the THINKERS Notebook is meticulously crafted to provide you with a premium notebook experience.

The disc binding makes it simple to remove and reorganize your ideas. The paper is 100 gsm Double A white premium paper so your ideas can flow using any type of pen or paper.

And best of all, the page design includes our special smart notebook feature that automatically transcribes your handwritten titles on the page into searchable titles in the THINKERS App.

From its compact size to its subtle cover design, this is the notebook for thinkers like you.

An intelligent companion

Your THINKERS Notebook includes a special code to access the THINKERS App - the perfect free companion to your THINKERS Notebook.

This iPhone app is optimized to capture pages from your notebook with smart notebook features that automatically transcribe your handwritten notes and even converts your page titles to note titles.

But there's more. The THINKERS App provides an intuitive design that makes it easy to organize your note captures inside foldersor even find your notes on a map.

And with the built-in web-based collaboration features, you can share your notes with anyone on any device; no account required.

And one more thing...

The optional premium features of the app makes it easy to capture audio, video, whiteboards, documents and even text.

The THINKERS App is the perfect compliment that will help you transform your written ideas into shareable notes.

A workshop for thinkers

Each THINKERS Notebook includes a special access code to the THINKERS Workshop - an exclusive online community and educational library that will help you become a better thinker.

Access to the THINKERS Workshop is normally $99.99 per year. However, when you purchase a THINKERS Notebook, you will have access to the Workshop for free.

The THINKERS Workshop contains a variety of training videos, articles, online events, and lively conversations that will help you improve your cognitive skills so you can start making better decisions from better thinking.

Just one more way that owning a THINKERS Notebook will help you become a better thinker.