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The pepper red THINKERS Notebook is for those who want to blaze new trails with their thoughts and ideas.

Creative thinkers develop innovative ideas that solve important problems.

You are unique.

Whereas your peers think in logical and ordered ways, you combine different ideas and concepts to make something truly original.

And the Creative THINKERS Notebook celebrates your originality with a personalized notebook that is different from the rest.

It all starts with the name.

Your name and the notebook's name.

When you order, we laser-cut your name right into the cover. This isn't just anyone's notebook. These aren't just anyone's ideas. They are yours.

And the name of the notebook itself has meaning too, because you aren't just any kind of thinker ... you are a Creative THINKER.

Simply owning this notebook is a declaration of your intention to be more deliberate and structured in how you indulge your own creativity.

Every time you pull this notebook out, you'll be reinforcing it to yourself. And you'll reinforce it to the world too, because anyone who sees you working with your personalized Creative THINKER notebook will know, right away, that you are indeed a creative thinker.

The color (pepper red) was chosen for a specific purpose.

Red is the color of boldness and action, fire and pride, passion and love. These are some of the most prominent ingredients in the recipe for creativity.

But it's not just any red, it's pepper red. A unique shade of boldness and passion meant to help ignite the ideas already present within you.

So literally just taking your notebook out, and seeing that cover of pepper red with your name vibrantly etched into it, will get you in the mindset to be creative.

The layout of the pages was designed to inspire unbridled creative thought.

The dot grid layout provides a subtle background for note-taking, sketching, or drawing, which is more inviting and less intimidating than simple blank white space.

 And since it's only dots, with no lines or shading, you and your creativity are not pushed or pulled in any direction beyond where your thoughts take you.

On the back of the page, the lined columns are perfect for more structured note-taking and idea jotting, while the checklist helps you immediately turn ideas into action.

And, of course, the title, date, and icon section allow you to name and categorize your idea simply -- especially when combined with the THINKERS Notebook App.

Now you know what makes the Creative THINKERS Notebook different. The question is ...

What bold, unique revelations will your Creative THINKER Notebook help you discover?