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The cobalt blue THINKERS notebook is for those who aren't satisfied until a goal is actually achieved.

Strategic thinkers turn big goals into the plans needed to achieve them.

You are a leader.

That means you aren't just concerned with generating big ideas; you're interested in turning those ideas into goals and then mapping out the steps that will be necessary to turn those goals into reality.

And the Strategic THINKERS Notebook celebrates your willingness to prepare for success with a personalized notebook that is specifically designed for the way you think.

It all starts with the name.

Your name and the notebook's name.

When you order, we laser-cut your name right into the cover. This isn't just anyone's notebook. These aren't just anyone's ideas and plans. They are yours.

And the name of the notebook itself has meaning too, because you aren't just any kind of thinker ... you are a Strategic THINKER.

Having this notebook at your desk or in your bag is proof that you view yourself as a leader whose strategic thinking and vision are necessary to charting the course forward -- at work, at home, or for any endeavor you're a part of.

And anyone who sees you pull your notebook out, and work on turning big ideas into concrete plans, will know that you are a strategic thinker who doesn't leave success to chance. 

The color (cobalt blue) was chosen for a specific purpose.

Blue is the color of wisdom and confidence, trust and loyalty, intelligence and truth. Leaders bleed these characteristics, but you can't count on them simply flowing through you naturally.

You have to cultivate them with deliberate habits, day after day. This is what the Strategic THINKERS Notebook was designed to help you do.

And, of course, it's not just any shade of blue. It's cobalt -- the bright, brilliant shade of blue that befits a leader's strategic vision.  

The layout of the pages was designed for the way you think.

The pages in the Strategic THINKERS notebook were designed to provide subtle structure to your thinking and propel you toward turning your ideas into meaningful action.

The dot grid layout includes shading in the middle that creates a four quadrant effect. Whether you want to use it for SWOT analysis, simply organizing your thoughts or sketches into separate sections, or anything in between, thinking in quadrants naturally leads to thinking strategically. 

 But since it's only dots, and the shading is subtle, the free flow of your ideas isn't overwhelmed. On one page you may want to work in quadrants; on another, you may want to be more free-flowing. The Strategic THINKERS Notebook gives you the flexibility to do both.

On the back of the page, the lined columns are perfect for structured note-taking and idea capturing, while checklist helps you immediately turn your thoughts and ideas into action items. 

What good is strategic thought if the outcome isn't specific action to work toward a goal?

And, of course, the title, date, and icon section allow you to name and categorize your ideas simply -- especially when combined with the THINKERS Notebook App. 


Now you know what makes the Strategic THINKERS Notebook different. The question is ...

What meaningful goals will your Strategic THINKER Notebook help you achieve?