THINKERS Notebook Mobile App - Overview

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Take Idea Sharing to a New Level with the THINKERS Notebook App

Having a physical notebook specifically tailored for inspiring, cultivating, and recording your ideas is one thing. And it's an important thing.

But what comes next?

If an idea never flies beyond the bounds of the paper it's written on, how does it grow, and spread, and become influential in any meaningful way? It doesn't. It can't.

That's why the THINKERS Notebook is only one part of the process that fulfills the THINKERS Manifesto.

The next part is our mobile app.

We designed the THINKERS Notebook App from the ground up with three primary goals:

  1. Make it as simple as possible to store, share, and browse your ideas.
  2. Keep your ideas secure and readily accessible on any device.
  3. Encourage collaboration with an innovative and intuitive mobile image commenting system.

All three elements combine to make the THINKERS Notebook App the perfect companion to the THINKERS Notebook.

And we're not done yet.

The next step is to add optical character recognition (OCR) to the image capture process -- meaning that the app will be able scan your photos, interpret the words and symbols being used, and then make each image indexable and searchable by the content it contains.

Amazing, right?

This is why adding OCR to the app is a major part of our Kickstarter campaign.

But even as it is right now, the THINKERS Notebook App is ready to take your idea storage and sharing beyond what you've experienced before.

Here's how:

Sharing your ideas with friends, family members, colleagues, and fans couldn't be easier.

A couple of taps, that's all it takes, and you'll be able to share via text, email, social media, and more.

It's as easy and intuitive as you'd expect it to be.


Your ideas are secure and instantly accessible every moment you need them.

With the THINKERS Notebook App, all of your ideas are safely and securely stored in the cloud, ensuring that they are reliably available to you 24/7/365.

How? Because we built the app on top of Google's mammoth cloud infrastructure.

The security and availability of your ideas is paramount. We take that responsibility seriously.

But let's be frank -- security and the ability to share are not revolutionary. Each is simply a feature you'd expect from an app like ours. So, boxes checked. ...

These next two features, however, are game-changers:


Smart image tagging makes organizing your ideas efficient and headache-free.

The notebook and app are designed to work together to make it easy to categorize and organize your ideas.

First, the app is all landscape image orientation, all the time.

Too many notebooks and image storage are oriented in portrait. It's just become the default. And that's often fine, but not when it comes to your ideas.

Think about it ...

Our eyes don't see in portrait; they see in landscape. Our minds don't think in portrait; they think in landscape. And wide-angle landscape orientation provides a more intimate, detailed view that up-and-down portrait orientation.

This is why your notebook pages are oriented in landscape, and why all images taken with the app are stored, organized, and accessed in landscape.

And speaking of organization ...

Each page in the THINKERS Notebook is printed with four icons in the bottom right corner. Using the app, you get to determine what each icon means.

Once you've written down or drawn out an idea, you tick the box for the appropriate icon, snap a photo of the page with your phone, and then the idea image is automatically tagged based on the icon you chose.

Boom. Automatic organization -- and without the excess cognitive load of having to contemplate your tagging structure with each new idea.

The app's enhanced image commenting system makes getting valuable feedback truly easy.

When you share an idea with someone, there is nothing more valuable that can be provided in return than feedback -- honest, appropriate, specific feedback that you might be able to incorporate into your idea to make it better.

What better way to provide this kind of feedback than by clicking on the appropriate area of the idea image and leaving your comment right there.

This way, there is no awkward, extra verbiage needed to explain what part of the idea is being referenced. There is just clear,  direct feedback that can help take the idea further.

Plus, the clustering of comments can provide a visual cue as to what element(s) of the idea are most compelling -- which the old method of cascading, threaded comments below the main content can never give you.

So in review, the THINKERS Notebook App gives you:

  • Share options you will use.
  • Security and reliability you can trust.
  • Smart image tagging that will make storing your ideas easier.
  • And an enhanced commenting system that will help your ideas flourish through feedback and collaboration.