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Thinkers Notebook Cover



You are unique.

Where others react, you take the time to think things through. You look past the chaos and combine different ideas and concepts to make something truly unique. And while they sit and daydream, you are busy writing out the steps to turn ideas into reality.

And the THINKERS Notebook celebrates your originality with a notebook that is different from the rest.

Designed for the way you think.

The dot grid layout provides a subtle background for note-taking, sketching, or drawing, which is more inviting and less intimidating than simple blank white space.

And since it's only dots, with no lines or shading, you and your creativity are not pushed or pulled in any direction beyond where your thoughts take you.

On the back of the page, the lined columns are perfect for more structured note-taking and idea jotting, so you can transform ideas into action.

And, of course, the title, date, and icon section allow you to name and categorize your idea simply -- especially when combined with the THINKERS Notebook App.

Finally, the unique disc binding makes it easy to add, remove and rearrange your notes. You don't have to tear a page just to share a page.

Exceptional Quality

  • Use any pen, pencil or marker you like.
  • 100 pages of premium 90 gsm Double A white paper
  • 300 gsm soft touch midnight black cover
  • 24pt pure white recycled chipboard backing
  • 1/2" chrome-plated silver discs