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The disc-bound smart notebook that is as unique as you are.

You are unique.

Where others react impulsively, you take the time to think things through. 

While others sit idly and daydream, you let your mind wander with a purpose -- and you make sure to write down the best ideas you come up with, along with the steps that will turn those ideas into reality.

The THINKERS Notebook celebrates and facilitates your originality with a notebook that is different from the rest, and that was designed specifically for a thinker like you.

  • The disc binding that makes removing and reordering pages a breeze.
  • The lay-flat design and landscape orientation that allows it to fit perfectly in front of a computer, on an airplane tray table, or right there on your lap.
  • The dot grid page layout that provides a subtle, helpful background for note-taking, sketching, or drawing.
  • The lined columns that are perfect for more structured note-taking and idea jotting.
  • The premium paper stock -- 100 gsm Double A white paper -- that allows you to use any pen, pencil, or marker you like.
  • The durable 300 gsm cover and recycled chipboard backing.
  • And, of course, the innovative THINKERS mobile app for digitizing your handwritten notes and your free membership into the THINKERS Workshop.

Every element of this notebook was carefully considered and crafted. And now it's ready to help you become the best thinker and creator that you can be.