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THINKERS 5-Pack (Free Shipping)

$74.96 $99.95 saving $24.99

THINKERS 5-Pack (Free Shipping)

$74.96 $99.95 saving $24.99

The perfect notebook for brainstorming sessions.

Inspire your team to think better - while saving money.

Great ideas can fundamentally change a business; providing new opportunities for growth and improvement.

And the best ideas start with pen and paper.

The THINKERS Notebook is the perfect tool to inspire your team to create and share ideas. Combining a unique layout and design with an intuitive mobile app, the THINKERS Notebook enhances the ideation process with a product perfectly suited for brainstorming sessions.

  • The disc binding ( 3/4" diameter ) that makes removing and reordering pages a breeze.
  • The lay-flat design and landscape orientation ( 9" by 6" ) allows it to fit perfectly in front of a computer, on an airplane tray table, or right there on your lap.
  • The dot grid page layout that provides a subtle, helpful background for note-taking, sketching, or drawing ( 50 pages ).
  • The lined columns that are perfect for more structured note-taking and idea jotting ( 50 pages ).
  • The premium paper stock -- 100 gsm Double A white paper -- that allows you to use any pen (including fountain pens), pencil, or marker you like.
  • The durable 300 gsm cover and recycled chipboard backing.
  • And, of course, you get access to the innovative THINKERS mobile app for digitizing your handwritten notes so they can be shared with others.

Every element of this notebook was carefully considered and crafted. And now it's ready to help you become the best thinker and creator that you can be. 

BONUS: You get a free copy of "Brainstorming is Broken" eBook -- $19.95 value

To excel in today's economy, you need great ideas. Unfortunately, traditional brainstorming techniques fail to deliver the quantity and quality of ideas that can make a fundamental difference.

That is why so many smart leaders are turning to a simple, proven method for generating great ideas that eliminate the fundamental flaws of brainstorming.

And when you buy a THINKERS Notebook Bundle, you will receive a free copy of this eBook.