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Meet the design prodigy behind the new THINKERS App

We have all come to expect a lot from the design of apps and websites we use. 

Nothing is more frustrating than an app that is clunky or a website that is hard to read and navigate. 

As consumers, we expect (and demand) user experiences that simplify our digital interactions.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to design a great user experience. 

Designers charge huge premiums for their work, and the time it takes to implement the nuances of a design is daunting for even the largest companies.

But if you are trying to create a product in a competitive category like note management, as we are, then your design must be compelling.

After all, you only get one chance to make a strong first impression.

What if your first impression is ... embarrassing?

When we first created the THINKERS Notebook and App, we had to balance the idea of great design against the demands of launching a new product. 

We knew we would do better in the future, but we felt we needed to get our product into the market so we could obtain feedback from customers on how to make the experience better.

To quote Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn:

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late."

When we look back at the first version of the THINKERS App, yes, we're embarrassed.

This isn't because it didn't work well, or didn't do what we said it would do. It did. 

Still, we're embarrassed because we compare that initial "minimum viable launch" to our fully-formed vision for what the THINKERS App will be ... and there simply is no comparison.

So ... 

Armed with customer feedback, we began the process of reviewing the entire customer experience from THINKERS Notebook to THINKERS App. 

We searched for designers who shared our design philosophy and who could substantially improve our ideas.

And when it came to the THINKERS App, we found one of the best UX/UI designers for mobile applications.

Introducing ... Ivo Mynttinen

Ivo Mynntinen

Ivo Mynttinen is an amazing application designer. 

We found him while we were researching application design principles. His blog is filled with detailed insights into human interface design.

In fact, his writings are so extensive that we did not realize he was a freelance designer. We thought he was an engineer with Apple! 

When we reached out to him, we held little hope that he would be available, or that we could even afford him. 

But once he reviewed our project specs and the ideas behind the THINKERS App, he agreed to work with us at a price we could afford.

In this 3-minute video, Ivo shares his approach to app design and why he took on the challenge of building our app. 

We are grateful for the experience of working with a world-class app designer and for the amazing effort he provided. 

And soon, you will have a chance to experience the new-and-improved THINKERS App for yourself.

Are you ready to see Ivo's design?

If you would like to be one of the first people to access the new-and-improved next generation of the THINKERS App, please complete the form here:

We need beta testers for the app to help us prepare for our general launch. 

In return, we will give you an access key that unlocks all the advanced functionality of the app for one full year. (These will be paid features in the new app.)

Please join our list by filling out this form to register for early beta access.