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Is the app really free?

Yes. No catch, no gimmicks, no limits on how many ideas you can save to your account, and no hidden charges. The app is a necessary component in the THINKERS Method, and we're committed to doing whatever we can to help you capture and share more of your best ideas.


Will the app capture pages from any notebook?

No. We custom built the app to capture and store images of our notebook pages only. But after you use the THINKERS Notebook, you won't want to use any others.


Where does the app store my files online and is it secure?

We have developed a Private Cloud Storage system on Google infrastructure to securely store your files. Only you, and those you share the files with can see the pages from the THINKERS Notebook (not even our admins can see them).

We created our own private storage system to make it easy for you to share files and allow others to comment on those files using their web browser. No need for them to have software on their device or an account on your cloud service.

Of course, you can download images and files captured from the THINKERS app to your phone and store them on any cloud storage account you have (i.e. Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, iCloud, etc).

Your security and the app's performance are important to us.


Why don't the notebook pages magically erase?

Mostly because we think your ideas deserve better than such an ephemeral fate.  And we want you to always have a hard copy of your ideas on hand.

Plus, you probably have a specific type of pen or writing utensil you like to use, and we didn't want to you to have to use only the one we dictated to you so the gimmicky erase function would work.


Do I have to have my full name on them?

Not your full name, but something has to go in the space we reserve for your name; like your first name or even something catchy like I AM A. You get the idea.

When you order, you will have the opportunity to personalize the name area. Be funny or creative, or just add your name to let everyone know what type of thinker you are.


What do I do when I run out of notebook pages?

First, you take a moment to pat yourself on the back in recognition of great achievement: you took 100 opportunities to make time and space for your most valuable resource, your ideas. That's fantastic, and you should be proud of yourself!

Next, you make sure that you've stored all of your complete pages in our cloud-connected app.

Then, you find a small, safe spot to store your completed notebook, in case you want to revisit the hard copy of one of your ideas in the future. (Maybe one of your ideas leads to the greatest success of your career, so you decide to pull the page out and frame it!)

Finally, you order a new one.

It will arrive in the mail shortly, fresh as morning snow, ready and waiting for the inspiring imprint of your next idea.


What's the difference between the two different types -- Creative and Strategic?

The Creative notebook is for thinkers who bring new and necessary ideas into existence. The Strategic notebook is for thinkers who turn big goals into the plans and actions needed to achieve them.

And yes, form follows function. There are subtle but important differences between the notebooks. For example, the Strategic notebook features a grid layout that gives you the option to structure your idea development within a quadrant form, if you so choose. The Creative notebook features a grid free of any suggestive constraints because new ideas demand the freedom to fully spread their wings.

If you can't decide between the two, because you think both creatively and strategically, we created a solution for you: our combo pack. Get one of each so you're ready for whatever type of thinking mood strikes you.


Can I give them as gifts?

Absolutely. You can customize the notebook with any name you want. They make great gifts for spouses, teenagers, college students, employees, bosses, and anyone else who you want to give the gift of better thinking.


Will this notebook really help me think better? And will you give me my money back if it doesn't?

Yes. (To both.)

We do believe that the THINKERS Notebook will help you become better at practicing the art of thinking. Obviously we can't vouch for the future value of the ideas you're inspired to come up with once you get and use the THINKERS Notebook, but we do know that it will help you find the space, time, and impetus you need to step away from the noise and spend quiet time with your thoughts and ideas. And then you'll be able to easily store and share those ideas to help them further grow and develop.

And if that's not how it works out for you? Well then let us know within 30 days. We'll happily refund your first purchase. There is no sense in refunding purchases after that, of course, because you already know what you're getting. But for that first purchase, we want you to feel zero risks in trying out the THINKERS method.