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Smart Notebook Comparisons

Smart notebooks are a great way to capture ideas on paper so you can organize them on your phone. But not all smart notebooks are the same!

The most popular smart notebook on the market is made by BiC – you know, the lighter, razors, and pen company from France - and sold under the brand name Rocketbook.

And while the Rocketbook is extremely popular, it does have some drawbacks.

#1 Special Pen Required

While the Rocketbook is promoted as re-usable, that claim only works IF you use a Pilot Frixion ballpoint pen. Use any other type of pen and your “reusable” notebook can’t be erased.

#2 Lots of Plastic Used

The Rocketbook contains only 32 pages of synthetic paper, bound with plastic binding and plastic cover. Not really “environmentally friendly” is it?

#3 Limited App Functionality

The companion app does a great job of capturing pages from THEIR notebook. But don’t try using their app with another notebook, it won’t work. They use QR codes on every page to make sure you can only capture pages from their design (and waste a lot of space on the page to insure it)!

With all these, and many more, limitations, isn’t there a better smart notebook?

  • One you can use with any type of pen or marker?
  • One that has more than just 32 pages and feels substantial, and professional?
  • One that that doesn’t require a QR code on every page?
  • One that has an app that does a lot more than just scan a page?

Yes, there is! It’s called the THINKERS Smart Notebook.

The THINKERS Smart Notebook is designed for people who love writing notes by hand, but who also want a better way to capture, organize, and share them from their phone.

It starts with a uniquely designed notebook that is dramatically different from any notebook on the market.

256 individually numbered page of 120gsm FSC Certified paper so you can use any type of pen you want.

Soft-touch black cover made of recycled material for environmental sustainability.

A “smart box” that converts handwritten titles and hashtags on the page into the title and tags in the app. No QR codes required!

This is a notebook designed for people that love notebooks and want something that is not just another Moleskine knock-off or a bunch of plastic pages wire-bound together.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The THINKERS App is an elegantly designed app for the iPhone. It uses machine learning technology to automatically capture pages from the notebook without even pressing a button on your phone.

And once captured the app automatically converts your handwriting into searchable text so you can find your handwritten notes quickly.

And that’s not all.

The app includes a unique feature for geo-tagging your notes. So if you want to find your notes on a map, it’s a snap!

Finally, the app includes advanced sharing capabilities that makes it simple to share and collaborate on individual notes, and folders of notes, with anyone on the web…no special login or app required.

There is a lot more the THINKERS App does beyond just capturing notes from your notebook.

The THINKERS Smart Notebook is designed for people that want an elegant and unique notebook with an app that makes it fast and easy to capture, organize, and collaborate on their ideas.

Are you interested?

Then we encourage you to buy one now.

We ship your order within 24 hours from our warehouse in Dallas Texas using USPS Priority Mail so you should get your order within 1 to 3 business days once shipped. We also email you a tracking number so you can see when your order will be delivered.

We also provide a generous 30 day refund period so if you are not happy for any reason, just return your notebook to us and we will refund 100% of your purchase.

And one more thing…

Inside each THINKERS Smart Notebook is a special access code to our private THINKERS Workshop, an online group filled with educational resources, video interviews, articles and lots more that will help improve the way you think and make decisions.

Join the thousands of other THINKERS just like you that love the elegance and convenience of the THINKERS Smart Notebook.