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The THINKERS Notebook was born from the frustration of using traditional notebooks. While there are many types and options, they are all designed for either taking notes or illustrating designs.

There hasn't been one designed specifically for the way people actually think as they explore and capture their ideas.

Until now.

The THINKERS Notebook is the culmination of two years of research and prototyping led by Sean Jackson.

And while the goal of building a better notebook for thinkers is what launched the company, a desire to help more people become better thinkers is what now drives it.

Sean Jackson: Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Patented Inventor

Sean Jackson is an online entrepreneur whose entire career is focused on merging technology with the needs of marketing.

Sean has started four companies, including Copyblogger Media, and has developed numerous software and SaaS products. He is a noted speaker and holds a patent for his information retrieval algorithm.

The Question That Led To An Idea

Sean's journey to building the THINKERS Notebook started -- as so many great ideas do -- with an intense debate among friends.

The topic of the debate: Do notebooks help you think better?

Sean hated the layout of typical notebooks and said they were too limited for encouraging thinking. A friend who ordered notebooks for his client events thought they worked fine but were not really unique. Sean agreed.

And both agreed that when it came time to actually think, typical notebooks were lacking.

From this, the THINKERS Notebook was born.

The next step was turning the idea for the THINKERS Notebook into an actual notebook that would legitimately help people think.

Of course, ideas don't become anything more than interesting thoughts without execution. And even the most well-intentioned execution will fail without attention to detail.

This was Sean's mindset as he embarked on building the THINKERS Notebook: to make this idea a reality, step by step, and to fixate on every little detail along the way.

So he did. 

From the binding, to the paper, to the design, to the layout of the pages, to the way the app works ... every element of the THINKERS Notebook is there for a purpose: to help people capture and share their ideas.

And Sean leveraged his experience in creating software to develop a way to share the pages from the notebooks without the typical hassles of mobile document capture apps.

The result is an elegant, useful, cloud-connected notebook that fulfilled Sean's mission of helping people improve the way they think.

The THINKERS Notebook is the answer to the question that started it all – a notebook that helps you think better.