The Story Behind THINKERS Notebook

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Have you ever thought about the way you think? I mean really thought about it?

We have. Quite a bit, actually.

In 2016, inspired by the research of Daniel Kahneman in his best selling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Sean Jackson set out to answer a fundamental question:

How can we think better?

And what we’ve learned has surprised us, inspired us, and most of all, guided us toward becoming better thinkers who are dedicated to helping other people think better too.


THINKERS Manifesto, LLC is the parent company that makes the THINKERS Notebook and App.

This smart notebook concept is the centerpiece of our suite of physical and digital products that are designed to be your companion along your journey to becoming a better thinker.

Our team at THINKERS Manifesto, LLC is also the team behind the:

THINKERS Manifesto podcast
THINKERS Roundup email newsletter
• And our online education community called the THINKERS Workshop.

Our mission is to deliver the tools and training to help you become a better thinker so you can do more with your best ideas.

Thoughts can't do much when they're stuck in your head. But when you write your ideas down, capture and organize them, and then share them with others ... well that's when ideas take flight and have a chance to actually impact the world.

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Our team is built upon foundational values of servant leadership, integrity, and intellectual curiosity and candor.

We are proud of the fact that we get along great and can also engage in vigorous debate. The THINKERS App is better because the members of our team know how to disagree about ideas without ever making it personal.

sean jackson

Sean Jackson

Founder and Chief Strategic Thinker

Sean Jackson is an online entrepreneur whose entire career is focused on merging technology with the needs of marketing.

Sean has started four companies, including Copyblogger Media, and has developed numerous software and SaaS products. He is a noted speaker and holds a patent for his information retrieval algorithm.

jerod morris

Jerod Morris

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Thinker

Jerod is a writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur who builds engaged audiences and online communities while helping others do the same.

He writes the THINKERS Roundup, our weekly email newsletter that provides insight to help you think better, and he also leads the discussion in the THINKERS Workshop. He believes in the value of balancing pride and humility.

daniel reiling

Daniel Reiling

Co-Founder and Head of Development

Daniel joined the THINKERS team as an iOS developer and quickly became so much more. He now leads our entire app development department, a team of capable developers that spans the globe.

Daniel developed two incredible apps for the University of Texas at Dallas before turning down offers from Facebook and Google to join the THINKERS team.

mica gadhia

Mica Gadhia

Head of Customer Success

No one wants you to experience more joy and success with the THINKERS App than Mica, who serves the role of customer advocate during our development calls and will be there to answer your support messages if you have a question.

Mica has a long history of helping customers succeed with tech products. She is also a noted artist whose work graces the hero sections of THINKERS Roundup emails and our Instagram page.

How to reach us

If you ever have a question, please contact us directly at

We're here to serve you and help you become the best thinker you can be.