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Season 2 of THINKERS Manifesto Is Live

Jerod Morris and I are excited to announce the second season of the THINKERS Manifesto. Listen to the first two episodes at

For the past year, Jerod and I have been working to execute on the ideas we created after we first released the THINKERS Manifesto - our podcast series that helps you think, better.

And while we have been very pleased with our progress and the relationships we are building with THINKERS inside the Workshop, we felt that something was missing.

So we decided to write a new season of the THINKERS Manifesto. 

In this season, we explore a topic that first started here in the Workshop; what matters more, an idea or it's execution?

It is a very interesting question and one that we thought we could best answer by exploring how Jerod and I worked to turn our ideas into something of value.

We have released the first two episodes; An idea that leads to a journey and The value of the first follower.  We plan on releasing a new episode every Wednesday for a total of seven.

While the new season shares a similar format with the first season, we opted to add in our personal experience in executing our ideas. 

And there is a lot to our story that will surprise you. 

We hope you will join us and listen to the new season of the THINKERS Manifesto.