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When an idea becomes an obsession

We spend a lot of time at THINKERS thinking about smart notebooks. 

If you have listened to the latest season of the THINKERS Manifesto podcast, you know that it is a journey that started long ago.

And, frankly, it has not been easy.

But we are committed to making the best smart notebook system ever created.

Many of you can appreciate this experience – when an idea becomes so compelling that you overcome any obstacle in pursuit of executing it and bringing it to fruition.

For us, this quest has led to a new point in our journey – one that we are excited to tell you about.

Creating a better notebook experience

When we publicly launched our first notebook in October 2019, we had high expectations. 

Our disc-bound notebook was unique -- compact in size with premium paper and an orientation that made it functional. 

Many people bought it. 

Throughout this process we also received a lot of feedback from customers about what they liked, and more importantly, what they wanted to see in future generations of the notebook.

  • Better cover design
  • Portrait orientation
  • More dot grid pages
  • Less space wasted on “smart features”
  • And a lot more

Sure, they enjoyed the product, but the overall experience could be better.

We heard from many people that what they really wanted was a premium notebook experience, yet at a price less than $30. 

Based on this feedback we started developing prototypes for a new premium notebook. 

But we continued to run into a fundamental problem: the disc-binding. 

We love disc-binding. Unfortunately, it is difficult and expensive to manufacture a premium notebook using it. 

There are limitations on size. The added weight of the discs increases the cost of moving the product. And disc binding limits the materials you can use for the cover.

Sure, there are many great disc-bound notebooks available – like the Discbound Heirloom Journal from Ugmonk. But at $99, this pricing level was not aligned with our customer’s expectations.

So, we faced a difficult decision; how can we create a premium notebook experience without using disc-binding?

The answer to that question led us in a new direction.

A new notebook concept

There is a company in Germany that shares our passion for creating great notebooks. They are called Brandbook, makers of the highly popular Nuuna notebook line.

Their notebooks are stunning and made to the highest standards of German engineering. 

We love their work. And based on the number of awards they have received, and the amount of 5-star ratings on Amazon, we are not alone in that admiration.

We reached out to them to work together on creating a new THINKERS Notebook -- a notebook design unlike anything they offer today.

The new THINKERS Notebook looks and feels like a premium notebook, one that you will feel proud to own and comfortable keeping by your side at all times.

While this new design does not use disc-binding, it does offer a lay-flat experience with a size that fits perfectly in front of your computer.

In short, this is the best premium smart notebook ever created.

And on December 15th, we will officially launch the product. 

Please make sure to check your emails on that date for our official announcement, as you will not want to miss this opportunity to purchase the new THINKERS Notebook.

But what about the previous THINKERS Notebook?

We are still committed to supporting our first version of the THINKERS Notebook. 

We have developed updated versions (in both portrait and landscape orientation) that includes our durable cover set and removes the QR code.

And yes, we are getting refills for them as well.

But as any small business owner will tell you, setting priorities is crucial. 

For us, our priority is creating a premium notebook that will broaden the appeal of our products to people who are not familiar with disc-bound notebooks. 

Most people can understand how to use a more traditionally bound notebook. It takes a different level of appreciation to enjoy the benefits of disc binding. 

Since our goal is to help improve the way people think, we chose to go in this direction with a premium product they can easily appreciate, knowing that over time, they will seek additional products that better align to their personal use.

Thank you for letting us share our journey with you, and we hope you will share in our excitement to launch the THINKERS Notebook launching on December 15th. 

Now that I've shared how we're handling the next steps of executing an idea that has truly turned into an obsession for us, I'll share three links that provide general advice on how to keep your eye on the execution ball even when your passion for an idea is difficult to contain.

You shouldn't let passion cloud your decision-making, but you shouldn't totally suppress it either. 


"The pursuit of excellence requires you to unleash your passion. When you put your passion into everything you do, it gives you the power to become a potent pioneer. You will blaze paths few would go down, and see them all the way through to the end. Your passionate pursuit of converting your idea into a reality will open new doors to endless possibilities.

Your ability to remain passionate about what you stand for is the ultimate enabler for the success of your idea."

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To be successful, you must properly channel your passion


"If every plan adjustment is a reaction to a crisis, you won’t take corrective action quickly enough and will never find new opportunities. Continuous improvement applies to the business model as well as the product. Set business goals and milestones, and use metrics to track performance."

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Try to avoid keeping your passion to yourself


"Sometimes people hide from others. They say that they will not share any details with others or meet people till they make things happen. That is not the right strategy. Once you surround yourself with the right people, share your plans and vision with them. This makes you accountable and committed. This can be a great motivation for you to get things done. So do not hide; share your vision with the right people."

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Quote of the week

If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” 

-- Benjamin Franklin