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Why we always listen to our power users

There is one thing that has truly surprised us since we launched the THINKERS Notebook.

There are some serious note-takers out there.

We are not talking about the person who buys a Moleskine with visions of filling it with creative prose wrapped around illuminating drawings that they quickly forget about after a few uses.

We mean people who are passionate about managing their thoughts and ideas, people who write consistently in multiple notebooks while using a variety of applications for note management.

These people are the power users in the note-taking space -- men and women of keen intellect who improve their lives, and the lives of those around them, with their ideas.

And yeah, for a company like ours, these folks can be intimidating because they are extremely discerning and particular, having used every type of notebook and note management app.

But we love these people, because they give thoughtful, specific feedback that we always consider when planning for the future.

Meet Patrick, a true notebook + app power user


Fortunately, we have several of these power users in our THINKERS Workshop community. Their insights have been invaluable as we have continued to evolve our products and our app.

In this 2-minute video, we interview Patrick, a content developer for a hospital system in Omaha, Nebraska, and a proud member of the THINKERS Workshop community. 

Patrick shares what attracted him to the THINKERS Notebook and what he is most excited about in the new-and-improved THINKERS App we are developing.

We are grateful for the insights Patrick has given us, along with the insights from so many other members of our global THINKERS community. We couldn't do what we are doing -- building the best note management app on the market -- without you.

Speaking of ...

We are excited to be launching the THINKERS App in August 2020. This new version is a dramatic improvement in the way you capture and share ideas. 

We are building it for people like Patrick, who demand a lot from their note management systems.

And we want your feedback on it. 

Are you ready to see the next generation of the THINKERS App?

If you would like to be one of the first people to access the new-and-improved THINKERS App, please complete the form here: 


And if you've already completed the form, then just sit tight! We'll be launching the beta in August 2020.

We need beta testers like you for the app to help us prepare for our general launch. 

In return, we will give you an access key that unlocks all the advanced functionality of the app for one full year. (These will be paid features in the new app.)

Please join our list by filling out this form to register for early beta access.