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Why would someone leave college to build a note-taking app?

Have you heard the story about the two guys who left college to build an incredible app that eventually changed the world?

We all have. 

Whether it was Bill Gates and Paul Allen from Microsoft or Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, the history of technology is replete with stories of young people leaving their studies to pursue a vision of the future that they wanted to build.

But have you ever considered what that is really like for the people involved? 

Friends and family are shocked with their reckless decision. "Why give up on your education for a risky adventure that will probably end in failure?"

Personally, I never understood why people would take such a large leap of faith.

Then I metDaniel Reiling.


Meet the "dropout" leading our development team

I first met Daniel when I posted a job opening for an iOS developer. 

I wanted someone with basic skills who I could train and develop as our company matured. 

During the interview, my first impression was that Daniel was a prototypical millennial. He greeted my exuberant visions for what we could build with casual responses. 

It was only later that I realized Daniel simply has a calm, relaxed personality -- a stark contrast to my own. His understated responses belied the reality he had already conceptualized his own vision for what we could create together, and he was highly motivated to get to work on it. 

At the time, Daniel was just one semester away from graduating college. But he saw that this opportunity aligned with the career path he wanted to travel and the kinds of projects he wanted to work on. So he took our offer and put his academic education on hold.

And from Day One, Daniel came ready to produce. 

For several years while in school, Daniel had spent his days and nights studying every aspect of iOS development and applying that knowledge toward creating a series of working apps. 

So while he applied for our position as a "junior developer," the reality was that he was already a highly experienced iOS developer.

What he lacked was the experience of working on a bold vision that would challenge his skills and give him managerial experience -- the opportunity that we were presenting with the THINKERS App.

That's why he left school and came to work with us, and now leads our development team of iOS and Android engineers.

I don't know if I could have made that decision when I was his age. Could you?

In this 2-minute video, Daniel recalls the reasons why he took such a leap of faith and what drew his passions to building the THINKERS App.

Daniel is soft-spoken, but don't let his matter of fact demeanor fool you. While some of us express our passions with words, Daniel does it in code.

Are you ready to see the fruits of Daniel's labor?

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