Rocketbook vs THINKERS Notebook - A Review

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Rocketbook vs THINKERS Notebook - A Review

Smart notebooks provide a convenient method for uploading and managing your handwritten notes.
In this article we compare the new THINKERS Notebook to the Rocketbook.

Notebook Comparison

THINKERS Notebook Rocketbook Core Executive
Price $29.95 $32.00
Pages 256 32
Paper 120 gsm premium Munken Paper Synthetic reusable paper
Environmentally Friendly Yes.
FSC certified paper and recycled leather cover.
Uses High-density Polyethylene (HPDE) cover
PVC Binding,
BPA poly-free plastic for pages,
Must be disposed of in specific recycling bins.
Reusable No Yes
Pen Support Any pen or pencil or marker, including fountain pens. Requires Pilot FriXion pen or maker. Any other pen will leave a permanent mark.
Page Design 5mm dot grid 5mm dot grid or lined pages
Size 8.67” x 6.5” 8.8” x 6”
Cover Bonded recycled soft-touch leather HPDE plastic cover
QR Code on Pages Not needed.
Uses machine learning to auto-detect pages in app.
Required for capturing a page in the app.
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App Comparison

THINKERS App Rocketbook App
Platform iOS (Android version in development) iOS and Android
Built-in Cloud backup Yes No
3rd party cloud backup Yes.
Premium Feature
Handwriting Recognition Yes Yes
Title Recognition

Any title included at the top of the page is automatically recognized as the note title.

Requires user to include ## in the front and back of the title.
Commenting System Yes.
Includes built-in web-based commenting features for sharing and collaborating on notes via a dedicated URL.
Requires QR Code on Page Not required.
The app uses machine learning to auto-detect notebook pages from the THINKERS Notebook.
Only pages with their QR code can be captured and scanned in the app.
Capture 3rd party notebooks Yes.
Other notebook designs can be captured in the app. However handwriting recognition is disabled unless user subscribes to premium version.
Map Feature Yes.
Notes captured in the app can be displayed on the mapping feature included in the app.
Folder Options Yes.
Users can create unlimited nested folders that include personalized folder design within the App.
Create lists from notes No Yes
Other Capture Types Yes.
The premium features of the app allow users to capture pictures, audio, video, whiteboards, and text notes.
Whiteboards that use Rocketbook Beacons.
Index cards using Cloud Cards functionality.
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