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THINKERS Smart Notebook

As featured in The Dallas Morning News

Never lose a great idea again.

The THINKERS Notebook makes it easy to capture notes on paper so you can organize and share them from your iPhone.

    A Uniquely Designed Notebook
      • Use any type of pen/pencil including fountain pens and highlighters.
        • Premium material including soft-touch leather cover and 120 gsm paper.
          • 256 individually numbered pages providing ample pages to write on.
            • 5mm dot-grid design that blends perfectly on the page.
              • Lay-flat binding that keeps your pages flat.
                • Unique design & optimized for use with the free companion iPhone App.
                  An Intelligent iPhone App
                    • Advanced handwriting recognition including cursive.
                      • Automatically converts titles & hashtags on the page into note titles and tags in the App.
                        • Integrated Cloud Storage to automatically backup your notes.
                          • Optimized for your THINKERS Notebook for fast scanning, organizing, and sharing

                            Every element of this notebook and app is carefully considered and crafted. And now it's ready to help you become the best thinker and creator that you can be.

                            A Better Way to Capture & Organize Notes

                            The THINKERS App makes it easy to capture ideas from your THINKERS Notebook, organize them on your iPhone, and share them with anyone, anywhere on any device.

                            Handwriting Recognition
                            Quickly transcribe your handwritten notes - including titles and #tags into searchable text.

                            Sharing & Collaboration
                            Built-in collaboration features for sharing ideas on the web.

                            Cloud Storage
                            Built-in cloud storage so you never lose a file.

                            Notes On A Map
                            All your captured notes are added to a map making it easy to find notes by location.

                            Personalize Folders
                            Customize the look of your folders with colors and even images from your phone.

                            Capture Audio/Video/Whiteboards/Documents and more
                            Premium features for capturing any type of idea with built-in OCR and Voice-To-Text transcription.

                            The THINKERS App is the perfect compliment that will help you transform your written ideas into shareable notes.

                            Smart notebooks require a smart app, and the THINKERS App is the perfect companion to your written ideas. Combining an intuitive interface with sophisticated functionality, the THINKERS App is the best way to capture and collaborate on your ideas.

                            Perfection by design

                            Every element of the THINKERS Notebook is meticulously crafted to provide you with a premium notebook experience.

                            • 120 gsm premium Munken paper
                            • 256 numbered pages
                            • 5 mm dot grid design
                            • Smart Box to add titles in app
                            • Black bookmark ribbon attached
                            • Smooth recycled leather cover
                            • Silk screen cover art with edge coloring
                            • Perfect lay flat design with thread stitching
                            • 6.5" by 8.67" (165 x 220 mm)22.9 oz
                            • Manufactured in Germany
                            • Environmentally Sustainable Material (FSC Certified)

                            From its compact size to its subtle cover design, this is the notebook for thinkers like you.

                            Great illustrations need a great notebook. That is why artist, writers, and creatives use the THINKERS Notebook. A premium notebook for capturing your best ideas.

                            BONUS: A workshop for thinkers

                            Each THINKERS Notebook includes a special access code to the THINKERS Workshop - an exclusive online community and educational library that will help you become a better thinker.

                            The THINKERS Workshop contains a variety of training videos, articles, online events, and lively conversations that will help you improve your cognitive skills so you can start making better decisions from better thinking.

                            Just one more way that owning a THINKERS Notebook will help you become a better thinker.

                            The THINKERS Workshop - included with every purchase of the THINKERS Notebook - is the perfect compliment to those that want to think, better. This exclusive site includes a robust library of content within an engaging community of like minded peers.

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