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Who would be crazy enough to build a new note-taking app?

Who would be crazy enough to build a new note-taking app? | THINKERS Notebook
Let's be frank:

There are a lot of note-taking apps available.
  • Evernote became the 800-lb gorilla in the note-taking space with hundreds of millions of users.
  • Every iPhone comes pre-installed with Apple Notes.
  • Microsoft gives away OneNote.
  • Notion is creating a whole new paradigm for idea collaboration.

And this list does not even include Google, Zoho, and countless other companies offering similar solutions.

So why would anyone build a new note-taking app?

I have personally used every one of the apps listed above, plus a few more I didn't even mention. They all share similar functionality with a unique feature or two that differentiate them.

But they all miss the mark on one essential point ...

The biggest problem in note-taking today

Here's where the apps mentioned above miss the mark:

They are designed for people who type, not for people who write by hand.

Yes, there are a few note apps for tablets that try to mimic the handwriting process, but the actual writing experience pales in comparison to hand-writing notes with pen and paper.

And sure, typing is convenient for people who spend all day in front of a computer or who have speedy fingers on their phone, but the reality is that our best ideas come from writing by hand in the physical world, not typing in the digital world.

Writing notes by hand is scientifically proven to improve comprehension of whatever you are trying to learn.

Pen and paper introduce the possibility for drawing pictures, using diagrams, and exploring the spatial relationships between words and concepts, which helps you more fully engage with the ideas you're exploring.

Moreover, our purest and truest insights come from our experiences in the physical world, where we can observe how people, objects, and ideas interact. But how do we translate that inspiration today? By finding the nearest keyboard to transcribe our observations.

We believe there is a better way ...

It's a process that blends your inspiration from the physical world into a distraction-free digital space. And it does this by making it easy to capture hand-written notes and also convenient to those notes with others so you can harness the power of collaboration.

It's our solution to the biggest problem in digital note-taking today.

We call it the THINKERS App.

Bridging the divide between physical and digital

The THINKERS App, our companion app for the THINKERS Notebook, was designed from the beginning to help you capture, share, and collaborate on handwritten ideas using your phone.

We are in the final stages of preparing the next generation of the THINKERS App -- which will change the paradigm for how ideas flow between the physical and digital world.

The next generation of the THINKERS App will allow you to capture handwritten notes quickly, but it will not stop there. You will also be able to capture pictures, documents, and even voice and video notes -- with each experience optimized for speed and simplicity.

And that's not even close to all.

Our vision is to create the most elegant and versatile note management system available, with advanced machine learning under the hood to simplify the process of storing and retrieving your notes.

We're also improving our custom-built, web-based annotation system for notes so you can easily collaborate with others without requiring them to download an app or create a new account within our app.

The big picture is that we are building the only note management app specifically designed for capturing ideas from the physical world -- where they originate and exist -- and transferring them to a digital experience for storing, organizing, and sharing.

But don't Evernote, OneNote, and the others provide similar functionality?

Yes ... and no.

Yes, they provide similar functionality, but they are not designed for the physical world first, with an eye toward optimizing the capture and share experience.

Design matters -- from the user interface to the user experience. When you focus on note-taking in the physical world, as we do, the experience needs to be optimized for that environment instead of being an add-on feature to an existing product that started with a keyboard.

  • We are tired of taking out our phone to take a photo, just to have it lost in the camera roll.
  • We are frustrated that every time we want to collaborate, we have to create an account with some third-party tool we never intended to use in the first place.
  • We are exhausted with trying to force a note app to work with the objects we interact with every day.
  • And we are tired of all the bloat that so many of these applications build in.

So ...

We are the ones crazy enough to build a new note-taking application because we believe that thinkers like you and like us deserve a better way to capture and share their ideas.

Okay, now here's the most important thing you need to know for now ...

You can become a beta tester and get a free year of the THINKERS App's new features

If you would like to be one of the first people to access the new-and-improved next generation of the THINKERS App, please complete the form here:

We need beta testers for the app to help us prepare for our general launch.

In return, we will give you an access key that unlocks all the advanced functionality of the app for one full year. (These will be paid features in the new app.)

Please join our list by filling out this form to register for early beta access.

Launching the next version of the THINKERS Notebook on Product Hunt

Launching the next version of the THINKERS Notebook on Product Hunt | THINKERS Notebook

Join our mailing list to receive a 40% discount + early access when we launch the next version of the THINKERS Notebook & App on Product Hunt

Hello, my name is Sean Jackson and I am the creator/maker of the THINKERS Notebook.

The THINKERS Notebook is a note-management system that combines a disc-bound journal with a mobile app for capturing, searching, and sharing handwritten notes.

When we released the first version of the notebook and app in October 2019, we received a lot of positive feedback along with valuable input on how to improve our product.

So, we took this feedback and started the process of creating the next version.


The next version of the THINKERS Notebook will include a completely redesigned app and notebook that will make finding and collaborating on notes easy using our new handwriting recognition algorithm, redesigned web-based collaboration feature, and new notebook options.

We will launch on Product Hunt in the summer of 2020 and if you are interested in receiving a 40% discount at launch (and early access before we launch), then please subscribe to our list.

We know what you are thinking…not another note-taking app!

After all, how can this be any different than Evernote, OneNote, SimpleNote, Apple Note or any one of the thousand note apps available?

And a notebook? Why not just use a Rocketbook or Black & Red? They both have apps that come with their product.

Great points.

But here’s the issue; these solutions don’t work for serious note-takers.

People that use pen & paper to write notes are VERY particular. Paper quality is important along with the design and form factor of the notebook.

Further, most apps treat handwritten pages no different than an image.

Sure, you can take a picture of the page, but can you search for what is ON that page? Can you easily share and collaborate on those written pages with others that aren’t using the same app? The answer is no (or not without a lot of effort/cost to workaround).

So, we are taking a different approach based on input from our customers.

Our Focus

Our next version is centered on these four areas:

Handwriting Recognition
While machine learning and artificial intelligence system do a great job of recognizing cats from dogs in pictures, they don’t do well with handwriting. Our internal tests using Google Vision has found a 76% accuracy rate for single words and frequency accuracy at only 35%. That’s not good enough.

Accurate handwriting recognition is a big part of our next release and we are developing our own algorithm that will make it easier for users to find information within their notes.

Web-based Collaboration
Sharing notes is an essential part of the ideation process. Hence making it easy to share and collaborate with others is crucial. Unfortunately, most note apps require collaborators to be using the same app!

In the next version, we will extend our current web-based collaboration system so that it is easy for our users to share and collaborate on their notes without requiring a user to be logged in.

And even better, we will make it easy for viewers to get email and text notifications when updates are made to those folders and notes.

Personalized note management
The new version of the app will make it simple for users to manage their notes.

This version will not only include the ability to create nested folders but will also have additional functionality for users to personalize their notes and find notes based on their location and frequency of use.

Improving the notebook design
While many customers appreciate the form factor of our current notebook, we know it is not right for everyone.

So we have redesigned the notebook to include a portrait orientation (6” x 9”) along with larger sizes (7” x 10”) for both the landscape and portrait versions.

But there’s more.

Internal research shows that people prefer either dot girds OR college ruled lines. And because we use disc-binding, they want to mix and match. So, we will provide those options for them along with refills.

Finally, we are moving to a polypropylene cover and 50pt black chipboard backing. Why, because customers are using our notebooks a lot and want improved durability.

As this list shows, we are highly focused on creating the next version of the THINKERS Notebook that will be superior to all other options.

Please subscribe for updates

In the coming weeks, we will share more details about the updated version of the notebook and app, along with details on how you can access the beta version of the app before we launch on Product Hunt.

If you are interested in our progress AND would like to receive beta access and 40% off our new version of the THINKERS Notebook, then please subscribe.

We value your privacy and will never send you spam or sell your information.

And one more thing…

Don’t wait to buy a THINKERS Notebook until the next version comes out. Current customers will receive an even bigger discount and some special bonuses.

So, if you are considering the THINKERS Notebook, please go ahead and buy it. Your purchase is helping support our development effort (which is why we always reserve the best for our current customers)!

For questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.